court gavel used in bankruptcy and used to stop sheriff sales in NJ.

Bankruptcy is your legal right

It occurs when you petition the courts to protect you from creditors, like your mortgage lender, and help you either liquidate your assets to pay your debts or put you on a repayment plan that you can manage. 

From our experience,  bankruptcy is the most common tool we’ve seen people use who are facing the imminent loss of a home in a foreclosure. Particularly when they are running out of time as well as options. 

Filing bankruptcy without an Attorney

While we strongly recommend that you hire a competent and experienced attorney to file your bankruptcy, we also recognize that many people losing their homes are unable to afford the cost of hiring one. Losing your home should NOT come down to whether or not you can afford an attorney.

Thankfully there is a wonderful non-profit organization called Upsolve who helps financially struggling homeowners and non-home owners alike file bankruptcy without an attorney.

Attorney counsels couple in filing bankruptcy.

Their service is free and also comes with a community of helpful members ready and willing to answer any questions you might have. Keep in mind that these members aren’t necessarily attorneys but do possess some great information on bankruptcy based on their experience filing without an attorney.

Again if you have the money and can afford an attorney, you are very wise to hire one. But if not, thankfully there’s Upsolve

In the meantime, contact us if you would like to be put in contact with an experienced bankruptcy attorney who will prioritize your case and stop your sheriff sale or foreclosure immediately.

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