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A Sheriff sale in NJ occurs when your home has gone through the foreclosure process and then handed off to the County Sheriff to be sold at a public auction. 

This resource page will help you understand the Sheriff sale process in NJ and offer options on delaying and stopping a sheriff sale. 

With almost 25 years of experience helping homeowners stop their sheriff sale and keep their home, we invite you to reach out to us anytime if you have questions regarding your sheriff sale. Best of all, our help is completely FREE.

However, if you’re interested in selling your house to a reputable company experienced in buying houses that are scheduled for Sheriff Sale, click here. If not and you want to keep your home, then we’re 100% behind you!

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Have an adjournment filed

Both you and your lender are entitled to two 30-day adjournments. But before you file yours, see if you can get your lender's attorney to file theirs first. You can save your adjournments which may give you extra time.

Apply for the State's Free Grant program, NJ ERMA

The state may have free money available for you. However, you may not have enough time before your adjournments expire. Nonetheless, it still might be a good idea to apply while you exercise other options. Click Below to go to the state's NJ ERMA website for more information. In the meantime, continue to review the other options listed here.

Obtain a Reverse Mortgage and make ZERO monthly payments

You may qualify for a reverse mortgage. However, because you're short on time, you need a mortgage professional who works fast and makes sure you beat the sheriff sale deadline you're facing. We have just the team (depending on how much time you have left).
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File a Motion to Stay the Sheriff Sale

When you've run out of adjournments and your lender isn't willing to file one, you may need to apply to the court for more time. This is highly risky as there is no guarantee that you will be given more time. Your county sheriff should have the forms to apply. You can also click below to access the form on the state's website.
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Sell your house

Although this may not be your top choice, you can always sell to a reputable company like us. We have over 20 years of experienced in buying houses before they're lost to sheriff sale.
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File Bankruptcy

This is a popular choice for homeowners who have run out of other options. We highly recommend that you use an attorney who specializes in Bankruptcy and who can file quickly. If you're not able to afford an attorney however, you can try filing on your own using Click below to visit their site.
File Bankruptcy on your own

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Attorney counsels couple in filing bankruptcy.

Grants and programs

Get more information on the State of New Jersey’s program designed to help homeowners with back taxes or in foreclosure.

Need a Reverse mortgage?

Are you aged 62 or older? Learn about loans that don’t require any monthly payments.

Need to file Bankruptcy?

Ran out of options and still want to keep your home? Bankruptcy is often used by those who need to stop a sheriff sale immediately. You can even file without an attorney and save thousands!

Thinking of walking away or just giving the house to the bank?

Learn how to properly walk away when the house is just too much stress to deal with.